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Great passion, skills and experience, international partnerships, professionalism and creativity: this is our strenght to offer the best services and products in Virtual Reality and 360 production to our clients.

Every project needs the utmost attention and client involvement to answer any questions and needs and to provide the best result.


1) Kick-Off: First meeting with the client to point out every need of our costumer. In this phase, services and product are described, compatibilites verified and technical and creative processes highlighted, with their realization times as well.

Grafico finanziario

2) Planning: Core phase of the creative process. We present the first result of our creative brainstorming, we organize with the client possible inspections and materials needed (specially for multimedia productions). In this phase, our customer can suggest changes, ideas or point out further needs. The next two phases begin.

3) Collection and Preview: Essential phase where all the material needed is collected (shooting, recording, etc.). Afterwards, visual presentation or brief demos are shown to agree with the client stylistic and artistic choices to represent in the best way the product mood and other needs about publishing and marketing.

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4) Development: Glome develops the product or service. Micro-deliveries are available to keep up to date our client for evaluations.

Digital Work Life

5) Final Delivery: The final product or service is delivered. Every feature is described, as well with his functioning and soluctions adopted by Glome.

Man Reaching Star

6) Follow-Up: It is always included. We assist our client for every technical issue. For some services or products, staff training is available through webinars or meetings. Upgrades, updating of content and protection plans are available.

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