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Immersive tours for corporations, business storytelling, innovative product showcase, presentations and more...

Glome up your business!

Immersive Tours and Business Storytelling

We provide high definition 360° and 180° 3D videos, interactive virtual tours and useful visual tours to tell everyone about your company.

All services are available through all devices (VR headsets, mobile devices, computers etc.) for online distribution on web-sites or social media networks and for offline use (APPs).

Clients from around the world can learn all about your company and products and visit your establishments without even taking a long business trip!

Virtual Reality presentation and innovative product showcase

On stage during a presentation, at an exhibition

(SEE EVENTS SECTIONor directly at your establishment, show to new clients your company, your products and your production plant.

We provide the production of one or more 360° visual tours/videos, a set of VR headsets (to be given to your clients during the presentation) and an iPad with remote playback function for the VR devices.

All users experience at the same time the 360° content, without the need to touch anything on the VR headset or use VR controllers.

We also provide training for operators to ensure correct use.

Corporate VR Training

We believe that people can easily learn new tasks and memorize informations with the right tool.

Virtual training is being named as "the new Powerpoint” for corporates when staff needs to be trained.

Using 360° VR videos on-the-job scenarios for enhanced learning, corporates can save money on expensive training courses that probably require them to fly their staff all over the world, but also allow for remote workers to experience the same setting as employees working at headquarters.

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Innovation to create new business opportunities
Acquire new clients and stay ahead of the competition
Help clients to focus on what matters
Easy distribution, online and offline
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