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Meet Glome

Glome is a young and enterprising company born out of a Davide Dal Bo's idea in 2017 and established two years later, in 2019.



Glome has professionals and partners all over Italy, in Europe and in United States of America.

We offer professional and innovative services to help corporations in their digitalization process, using Virtual Reality technologies, such as Apps in VR, 3D 360 degree videos and virtual tours.
Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are being taken advanced of all around the globe, not only for gaming, but also as tool for efficient communication and promotion, for learning, advanced training and for entertainment.

Glome aims to offer to his Business client innovative solutions at the right price, such as Virtual Tour of the company, VR training, App in virtual reality for any device and VR headset (Oculus and HTC), and much more.

We also propose company storytelling using 360° video, very effective, specially on Facebook and YouTube, virtually viral.



















Not only business, but entertainment and culture too.
Glome defines itself as a ethical company.
We focus on Virtual Reality and other 360 degree services, such as 360 live streaming and virtual tour, to spread culture and arts.
We know what it takes to be competitive in new markets and to keep up with the times in the 21st century: the answer is always be innovate, diversify, and use new technology and tools to communicate in an effective way, non only for business but also for cultural and artistic activities.
For these reason we offer to museums, art galleries, archeological and turistic sites, artists, music festival, theaters and institutions new ideas and tools from VR and 360° industry for promotion, distribution and sale of products, services or knowledge and culture.

Our mission is to bring progress in business and in people's everyday life, digitalizing company process and spreading culture in a new and immersive way like Virtual Reality, capable to meet and answer the need of the younger generations, offering big development and growth possibilities for our clients.

For further information and prices contact us filling this form and you will be contacted back as soon as possible
The quotations
 are always free.


360 gradi concerto festival glome



Glome is an innovative start-up company founded in 2019.

We tell the reality with the point of view that matters: yours.

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