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WHEN WE STAYED HOME - Official Emmy® Awards Nominee for the category "Outstanding Original Interactive Program".

This Docuseries present in 360° and 3D Venice, Paris, Tokyo and Jerusalem during the Global Pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 virus.
Glome contributed and collaborated with Targo, producer of the videos, for the realization of the Venice episode, available at this link - watch it in Virtual Reality on Oculus devices!

Below the official OCULUS trailer.

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3D solution for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Industry, businesses, products, restaurant business, real estate, interior design, fashion, clothing and much more in 3D with our Augmented and Virtual Reality: everything for promo, marketing and event in AR and webAR.

Digital preservation of artworks and cultural heritage from all around the world with cutting edge volumetric technologies such as photogrammetry and 3D scanning.
We deeply care about cultural education, using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


Customizable with interactive hot-spots, images, video, infographics, audio, 3D model, Augmented Reality, menus, interactive maps and much more!
Available on mobile devices, PC/Mac, Oculus Quest.

Click here
 and here to access fullscreen some of our Virtual Tours (suggested for mobile devices)

Or try them out here:


Our multimedia project for entertainment: 

360° 3D Visual Tours of Venice and Dozza (Bologna). Watch them in Virtual Reality on Oculus TV with your headset or on YouTube.

Link to Oculus TV

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